Children with sensory processing disorders, particularly with tactile or proprioceptive dysfunction, have a need for the deep pressure input weighted sensory cushions provide. Weighted sensory cushions provide proprioreceptive input improving body awareness, calms and improves attention and focus and decreases sensory seeking behaviours.

Children can bring their weighted sensory cushion to school for quiet times. They can place them on their laps during desk work, group time and reading for the extra calming deep pressure input their bodies need.

Weighted products are about prevention. Being proactive before we see the behaviour. Deep pressure calms and soothes over aroused, disorganised and fearful nervous systems. Pip and Moo weighted sensory cushions are ‘proprioreceptive input in a bag’ making it simple to take with you whenever needed. They have been designed with a choice of beautiful contemporary cotton fabrics to help brighten your day. To make it easy for you, all cushions have a removable insert for effortless washing. You have a choice of poly pellets or rice filling and with safety in mind, each cushion has a child proof zip and is ACCC approved.

Always use under the guidance of a qualified therapist. It is recommended that weighted products should not be more than 10 per cent of a child’s body weight.